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domingo, 24 de fevereiro de 2008

A ideia de participar de algo em grupo, principalmente sobre comida é realmente emplogante para mim! ainda mais diante das mudanças que minha vida esta tendo...
Este é sobre "one-dish dinner"
1.Refoguei uma carne com champignon, cebola, tomate (picados em meia lua) e especiarias (temperos como sal, limão e ervas).
2.Depois fiz o couscous marroquino, colocando 1 xicara de agua para ferver + 1 caldo de carne. Após ferver coloque 1 xicara de couscous e deixe tampado por 5 minutos. Coloque nele pimentão, tomate, cebola bem picadinhos e misture.
3. No fundo do pote coloquei o couscous,
4.depois a carne.
5. Finalizei com batata palha.

The idea of get into something like a community mainly about food is really exited for me! Especially during all this changes there are happening in my life ...
This is about 'one-dish dinner'

1.I sautéed meat with some mushrooms, onion, tomato (sliced in half moon shape) and spices (like salt, lemon and herbs).
2.After that, I did the Moroccan couscous.Placed 1 cup of water to boil meat broth ,after boiled I placed 1 cup of couscous and left cover for 5 minutes. I added pepper, tomato, onion (cut in small pieces) and mixed well.
3. At the bottom layer I put the couscous portion,

4. then a second top layer of the prepared meat.
5. some thin sliced Chips to give the final touch.

It´s very awkward for me to write in english about Food, so I apologise for something wrongly writen or some funny named ingredient. I´m learning, so let me cook a little around that subject


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